10 DIY Hacks for Lovely Scarves

10 DIY Hacks for Lovely Scarves

1. If you’ve got a purse strap that’s looking a little tattered, spice it up by wrapping it in a scarf.

2. Have a bunch of silk scarves lying around from older relatives or thrift stores? Check out this easy tutorial on how to make a shirt from two square scarves.

3. Did you have a strap break on a favorite watch? Replace your watch band with a scarf!

4. Need a bag on-the-go? Check out how to make a scarf purse with just a couple knots.

5. A fun and easy way to make a bracelet… from an accessory!

6. How to make a layered necklace from multiple scarves.

7. A simple way to make a skirt from a scarf — perfect for any music festivals you attend this year.

8. Decorate the tops of your flats with a cute scarf bow.

9. Tired of the bland camera straps that come with your camera?

10. Make a funky belt by sewing a buckle to a scarf.

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